Reform for people or for politics?

by Gregory Rodriguez

In 2006, the last time Congress took a serious look at comprehensive immigration reform, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, marched through the streets of the nation's cities. The resulting media coverage was filled with stories about real people — brown people! — whose lives would be affected by the proposed legislation.»


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Wholly non-partisan, pluralistic and multidisciplinary in outlook, the Center for Social Cohesion seeks to promote understanding of how diverse societies cohere. Globalization, immigration and the fragmentation of media have increased the urgency of questions surrounding national identity, citizenship, political discourse and the fraying social contract. It’s time to devise new strategies and public policies to foster healthy civic engagement locally, encourage robust integration nationally and explore the meaning of citizenship and community globally.

To that end, the Center for Social Cohesion fosters discourse and supports research on the ever-shifting balance between the pluribus and the unum in American society.